Environmental Commitment

St Benedict’s School and achieving a 5 Green Star rating

What is Green Star all about?

Green Star is an internationally recognised rating system for building sustainable buildings and continuing throughout its life cycle.

Green Star’s mission is to encourage the following practices in the built environment:

  •         Reduce the impact of climate change.

  •         Enhance the health and quality of life of the inhabitants

  •         Restore and protect the planets biodiversity and eco systems.

  •         Ensure the ongoing optimum operational performance of buildings

  •         Contribute to market transformation and a sustainable economy

Green Star has several distinct sustainable rating tools and St Benedict’s aim is for a 5 Green Star in the Design & As Built v1.2 rating (which is a holistic rating tool for the design and construction of any new buildings).

Green Star – Design & As Built assesses the sustainability attributes of a building through the following categories:

  •         Management

  •         Indoor environment quality

  •         Energy

  •         Transport

  •         Water

  •         Materials

  •         Land use and ecology

  •         Emissions and

  •         Innovations

To break this down a little, using only one particular category, with the Indoor Environment Quality, it is divided into the following:

  •         Indoor air quality

  •         Acoustic comfort

  •         Lighting comfort

  •         Visual comfort

  •         Indoor Pollutants

  •         Thermal comfort

There is a points system for each sub category and category, so for St Benedict’s to be finally awarded a 5 Green Star rating it will need to gain between 60 and 74 points. A 5 Green Star is recognized as Australian Excellence. The highest level is a 6 Green Star, which is World Leading.

The school will be assessed over two years through the special monitoring and measuring of outcomes.

St Benedict’s Catholic School should achieve in excess of 66 points and gain a 5 Green Star rating by the end of 2019.



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