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As St Benedict was known for developing a sense of community based on a set of shared values, it was decided early on that the House groups for St Benedict’s Catholic School would need to be another avenue to connect us as a school community to the wider community. As we have also built our school in an area where traditional indigenous people gathered and we were building our school to have a strong connection to the environment as indigenous people also do, we decided in consultation with the indigenous community to name (using traditional Birrigubba language) our Houses after key parts of the environment that show ‘God in all of Life’. Bindal Traditional owner, Gavin Kum Sing created these artworks to represent each house group.

Red House- Yalga’- meaning earth or country

The wavy system throughout the image represents the river system that our community (Townsville) is built around. The crescent shapes represent the communities or families within our wider community and is a symbol for the diversity we embrace, while the circular shapes and cross hatching type patterns represent the minerals and vegetation provided by the land. The smaller circles symbolise the rocks and pebbles used to protect the vegetation and or the people. This image also represents the harmony and balance that was needed to ensure the land kept providing what the people needed. 

Green House- ‘Dthulla’(pronounced Tulla)- meaning grass or trees

This image represents a tree and its roots system burrowing their way into the ground for continued nourishment. These roots symbolise our own heritage and the link our traditions and our history have to the life we have today. The seeds at the bottom of the tree symbolise how all living things grow from something small. The trunk of the tree is the foundation of our community, where all life branches out from. The circular patterns at the ends of each branch indicate the small communities or families that are born or created within or from the foundations as we will also see happen in our school.

Blue House- ‘Gumoo’-meaning water or river

The small circles scattered throughout this image represent the many water holes across our community with the lines connecting them being the rivers. The large circles in the outer area represents the lands and rivers that provide life to the many valued animals in creation. We can see eels, barramundi mussels and plant life through some of these symbols. The river and its connection people and animals is key to ‘God in all of Life.’

Yellow House- ‘Dulgan’-meaning light or sun

This image is the rising or setting sun and is key to ‘God in all of life’ as many things in our world rely on the sun for life. The sun gives us energy and life and helps us to see things clearly.


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