Mission, Vision & Values


As an inclusive learning community, inspired by St Benedict’s contemplative spirituality, we journey together to be living a lifestyle of love, centred in Christ and listening to ‘God in all of life’.


  • A place of joy and wonder, where we experience the presence of God in every moment and beauty in our relationship with all of Creation.

  • A contemplative community where we value stillness, simplicity, deep listening and is a place where we all belong.

  • A community where we each contribute to the protection of our environment; our common home.

  • An innovative learning culture and a dynamic, flexible environment that supports and challenges us within a collaborative community to achieve our best.

  • A curriculum that is integrated, rigorous, and engaging which enhances learning experiences, establishes connections to real life, addresses real-world concerns and develops essential skills for lifelong success.   


COMMUNITY - live a life marked by contemplative prayer where we join together to nurture relationships. With an openness of heart and mind, we provide hospitality with humility and respectful communication.

LOVE - celebrate the love of learning and desire for God. All who teach, learn and serve within the school make a commitment to nurture the well-being of others with compassion, courage and integrity.

LEARNING - listen to one another with consideration, knowing that no one can possess all truth, engaging all members of our community. Through discipline and resilience we focus our energy and celebrate growth as the result of hard work.

STEWARDSHIP -  encourage the sustainable use of  all resources and seek to promote an awareness that we are part of a larger world. Our environment has been given by God for the sake of all.


Principal: Mrs Penny Collins 

890 Dalrymple Road
SHAW  QLD  4818

Postal Address: 
PO Box 7037

P: (07) 4413 2400
E: enquiries@stbenedicts.catholic.edu.au  

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We are in week 6 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019