Flexible Learning Spaces

Flexible Learning spaces provide opportunities for children to move and work in ways that promote engagement in learning. Students have the opportunity to work at desks, in collaborative groups, as a whole class, standing up, laying down, sitting in bean bags etc. Bifold doors and undercover areas outside classrooms provide fabulous opportunities for students to work indoors and outdoors. Learning in different environments and in different ways is the way of the world. Many of us prefer to read a book laying down or stand up to do creative work or work from a desk for writing.

Sounds like a bit of a free for all, do what you like when you like……

Not at all. While our classrooms have flexible furniture than can be moved around easily and children have opportunities to work in different ways, there is still structured learning and there are expectations about how students engage and behave. Students have to consider the Way of Peace which as an acronym draws on their actions to be Persistent, Empathetic, Accountable, Caring for our Community and Engaged in learning.

So how does the teacher know what my child is learning if the children are all over the place?

Within a flexible learning environment, a classroom teacher can actually specifically target the learning for the specific needs of children. In our flexible learning environment, there is a bigger focus on targeted learning in small groups as opposes to lots of whole class teaching. This means that at many times during the day, children will have access to the teacher within a small focussed group usually doing an explicit lesson. Other activities are set up for students to consolidate learning; working independently or collaborating with their peers. 


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