Most research into homework in a primary school setting would suggest that the benefits of homework are simply in communicating to families what is being learnt at school or establishing good routines around study. Homework does not necessarily contribute to improved student learning and can in fact create a negative relationship with learning for some students. We believe we can provide valuable communication for families about student learning in various other forums including Parent Information Nights and class newsletters and we believe that developing the sense of Respectful Responsible Relationships contributes to students being able to become more independent and responsible for their learning.

At St Benedict's, we believe in providing an environment where students can be engaged in learning and work to the best of their ability throughout the day. We believe that our students' 'work day' is complete at the conclusion of the school day and therefore, we do not assign formal or regular homework. We encourage our students to engage in after school activities that bring them joy, inspire their curiosity and or meet their artistic or physical interests. We also encourage our students to enjoy their family time and assist in being a proactive member of the household. 


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