St Benedict’s Catholic School has a holistic approach to learning and therefore we prioritise student engagement. We believe students achieve success when they are engaged in meaningful learning experiences, understand and are responsible for their choices and can develop and maintain a sense of wellbeing.

Student Engagement is made up of three core areas at St Benedict’s Catholic School

  • Learning and Teaching

  • Active Responsible Community

  • Wellbeing

We believe that nurturing our students through these areas provides the best opportunity for Student Engagement to be effective.

We support learning environments that sustain positive relationships particularly between teachers and students, because we believe people are our most valuable learning resource. (TCEO Learning Framework, 2015 - 2019)


Principal: Mrs Penny Collins 

890 Dalrymple Road
SHAW  QLD  4818

Postal Address: 
PO Box 7037

P: (07) 4413 2400
E: enquiries@stbenedicts.catholic.edu.au  

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We are in week 6 of school holidays
Term 1 starts Tuesday 29 January 2019