School Board

The School Board is an important forum which brings together key personnel and members from the parish and school community to discuss Catholic schooling and make important “big picture” contributions to the life of our school. The Board enables parents and other members of the diocese to play a part in shaping policies in the spirit of our Catholic schools. Members of our Board are highly valued for the support they provide to the school community and to the Principal. 

Through collaborative ministry and shared wisdom, and in cooperation with the Principal, the Board has committed to assisting this community to be true to its Catholic identity and mission. In planning for a future of continual improvement, board members demonstrate a love for our school community and a strong support of its Catholic ethos. The Board recognises and supports our long-term, multi-faceted, strategic view and collectively, the members are prepared to contribute to the development and effectiveness of the community as a Catholic school. 

2022 Board Members:

  • Louise Costanzo

  • Fr Joseph Reddy

  • Kelly Keys

  • Simon Sorbello

  • Penny Collins

  • Nick Christie

  • Jess Smit

  • Cienna Jewell

  • Terri-Ann Rabig

  • Carole Ogilvie

  • Mitch Dellaway

  • Stacey Frossling


Principal: Mrs Penny Collins 

890 Dalrymple Road
SHAW  QLD  4818

Postal Address: 
PO Box 7037

P: (07) 4413 2400

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