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Parents and Friends (P&F) Associations play important roles in our school community.

The P&F is the official representative body through which parents and carers seek to assist the schools. The P&F group at St Benedict's Catholic School was formed in May 2018 and worked on developing our sense of school community as their priority. As a brand new school, this meant creating opportunities for parents and families to socialise together. While fundraising has not been identified as a key priority for our school at this stage, our social activities did provide opportunities for the P&F to build funds they have been able to use to resource their committee – bbq, eskys, trolleys etc., all things needed to host future events. The P&F have also contributed to an art installation, ‘Helping Hands’ that acknowledge the Foundation members of our School Community.

Goals for the P&F going forward continue to prioritise building our sense of school community, especially social opportunities for families to come together and they are looking at working with the school to build learning partnerships between home and school.

If you would like to be a part of the P&F, please know that you are welcome at our monthly meetings. There is no commitment required to attend every meeting but we do value the input and ideas of all who can make it. Dates for P&F meetings can be found on our school calendar and in our newsletters. You can also contact the P&F Executive group via email: